Our Vision

The Solomon Islands Government is supported by a Professional and Efficient Land Management System that Contributes to Social Stability, Economic Growth and Sustains the Environment.

Our Mission

The Ministry will ensure land dealings are fair, transparent, impartial and according to appropriate and relevant laws and that the service provided by the Ministry is customer-focused, effective and efficient.

Our Aim

Our Aim is to achieve a sustainable organization capable of delivering land administration   services within improved access and timeliness. The core services are required as a tool for planning socio-economic activities throughout the country and secondly to respond to strong demand from businesses, citizens and the government in the provinces.


The main aim of the Ministry is to:

  •  Effectively deliver land administration to the government and the people of Solomon Islands based on fair, transparent and timely processes;
  •  Registering Land Transactions;
  •  Ensuring that land Rents are based on fair and transparent principles and that rents are collected on a timely basis;
  •  Meeting the statutory requirements of surveying and valuations, and
  • Keeping land records in a secured manner. 

Our charter is that we aspire for an organization that:

  1. Is capable of sustainable delivering our core services  and meet reasonable service delivery standards;
  2. Adopt processes for all land transaction that are clear, transparent and conducted with integrity, so that people trust the process, and the Ministry and its staff;
  3. Has clearly defined rules and fees for services that reflect the real cost of providing that service and which are clearly advertised and collected from all in an accountable manner before the service is provided. Rules against collecting unofficial fees should be strictly enforced;
  4. Is customer focused and accessible;
  5. Has competent motivated staff to do their work properly. Improved work planning and budgeting will ensure that adequate resources are available for recurrent operating cost and replacement of equipment.