The Geographic Operations Group (GOG) provides technical support to other core functions within the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Survey. It has work teams in Cadastral Survey and Drafting (Cadastral Information Unit (CIU)) and in Digital Mapping (Geographic Information Unit (GIU)) have been equipped with modern equipment, with trained in its use and have well defined standard operating procedures (SOPs).

The Cadastral Information Unit (CIU) particularly involves in matters relating to surveying and issuing of Survey Instructions (I to S) to Private and Government Surveyors; receiving and examining returned Survey Instructions and manually plotting the newly surveyed lots on to the standard cadastral plans. The objectives are to have a complete inventory of all lands; to have clear and accurate records of all alienated land; to have a complete inventory of all Tribal lands; the Solomon Islands has accurate mapping data; Ministry to have access to new updated satellite imagery; all administrative preparation for land allocation follows due and proper process, is timely and complies with the Act; and a systematic and professional approach to engineering planning for land allocation. The priority areas of activities includes, a reliable data all crown land; a reliable mapping system; and the Division is well equipped with new mapping technologies and well trained and skilled manpower/human resources.

Mapping Section (NGIC)

The National Geographic Information Centre (NGIC) is part of the Geographic Operations Group (GOG) within the Ministry of Lands, Housing & Survey in Honiara.

The NGIC is under the directives of the Surveyor General, who legally, is responsible for mapping and associated information of the whole country. This covers the standards of surveys, the collection of information, the preparation of maps and the proper storage of this information.

Services the NGIC can provide

The NGIC provides three basic services for its customers:

  1. Production & sale of standard map products - these standard maps are readily available for purchase at the Map Sales Counter at the NGIC office.
  2. Servicing Special Mapping Requests - these maps are one off compilations that require additional time and effort to produce.
  3. Supply of Digital Data in GIS format to government ministries and NGO’s for use on national significant projects.