The Land Administration, Management & Operations Group (LAOG) performs the core land administration function and processes within the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Survey.  It performs the most vital role in supporting the Commissioner of Lands by virtue of the Lands and Title Act (Cap 133) who holds the interests in Land for and on behalf of the Government of SI, and who deals in land subject to the directions of the Land Board.

Two Divisional units and 1 supporting Unit directly support the work of the Commissioner of Lands under LAOG in the executing of its function under the Lands and Titles Act (Cap 133). They are the Rural lands Unit, Urban lands Unit and Land records Management & data. These units carryout the land administration functions and land records & data Management responsibilities which include:

  1. Acquisition of Customary Land as provided for under the Lands & Titles Act (Cap 133) and the preparation of all completed CL Forms for land registration.
  2. Administering of land applications & allocation processes through the approved land Tendering system endorsed by the Commissioner of Lands and preparation of all required land transaction documents & instruments.
  3. Processing of any encumbrances of registered interest on land such as  Charges, Discharges, easements, Right of Way, variations,  renewals and extension of expired land  parcels, Notices for forfeiture and re-entry, Subdivisions, Surrender of Estates, Variation,  Offers for Land, Rental revisions, withdrawals, Consent, land transaction backlog, land correspondences, appointments and daily queries from the public. 
  4. Lands records Management systems is Regularly updated, Safe, efficient, secure, professionally managed and able to support the operations of Land administration, research, legal documentation and land tendering system.