The Physical Planning Division exists to ensure that land in the Solomon Islands is developed in accordance with properly considered policies that are formulated  on adequate information and are directed to promote the welfare of the inhabitants of the Solomon Islands and others living here.  The Division works along with civil engineering, architecture, Land Surveying, land administration, environmental building, and social planning in the course of its planning process. The Division is also responsible for providing quality advice to the Permanent Secretary as well as to the Minister on the activities of Town and Country Boards, including gazette of new local area plans and changes in board membership, to ensure that the activities are in accordance with the Town and Country Planning Act.

The Division is made up of three Units:

  1. The Strategic Planning Unit which is responsible for the development of a National  Urbanization Policy and Local Planning Schemes.
  2. The Development Control and Enforcement Unit is responsible for Development Assessment, Enforcement and for dealing with issues related to Informal Settlements.
  3. The Provincial Development Coordination Unit is responsible for ensuring that physical planning requirements are complied with by coordinating the enforcement of these requirements through Provincial Town and Country Planning Boards such as:
  • Honiara Town & Country Planning Board
  • Guadalcanal Town & Country Planning Board
  • Malaita Town & Country Planning Board
  • Western Town & Country Planning Board
  • Choiseul Town & Country Planning Board
  • Isabel Town & Country Planning Board
  • Renbel Town & Country Planning Board
  • Makira Town & Country Planning Board
  • Temotu Town & Country Planning Board