The Valuation Division is headed by the Valuer General and is generally responsible for the valuation of properties and the revision of Land Rental and Property rates to reflect current market values.  The Valuation Division also monitors outstanding land rental forfeiture, updating of provincial land rent for property rates, updating of provincial and Honiara valuation map.   It plays a vital role in supporting government national projects   especially in terms of valuation on properties. The objectives of the Valuation Division is to strengthen the capacity of the Valuation Unit with the view to effectively carry out its roles and responsibilities; revision and improvement in rental and property rates reflect current market values; and to support SIG national projects in the area of land/property valuation.

Approved List of Valuers

Under the Valuers Act 2009 it is an offence for any person to carry out Land Valuation without having a proper Valuation License. Contact us to learn more about how to apply for a Valuation License. The following persons have been issued with a Valuation License as required under the Act to practice Land Valuation in the Solomon Islands:

  • Balasido Boeau
  • C Kemeron Willie
  • Christom P Pitaboe
  • Dalton Maesia
  • David Gapirongo
  • David J Oli
  • Enly Gani
  • Eric Gorapava
  • Esther Tegu
  • Frazer Sike
  • Greg Wate
  • Hellen Ohukeni
  • Jessie Tewa'ani
  • Joan Toito'ona
  • Nixon M Qurusu
  • Robert Misimaka
  • Romeo Vilaka
  • Silva Dunge
  • Stanley Waleanisia
  • Toswell H Hogudi
  • Victor Ma'ahanoa
  • Vitarinah H Takana
  • Wendy K Sade

Contact us if you would like to get a copy of the above persons registered phone numbers.