Common enquiries that do not strictly fall under specific divisions of the Ministry for Lands, Physical Planning or Government Housing can be found in this section. If you are not able to find an answer for your enquiry, please send us a message so that one of our officers can help you.

Other Common Enquiries

  • How do I get a copy of a Standard Map?

    1. Visit the Map Sales Counter at the National Geographic Information Centre (NGIC).
    2. Ask for a copy of the map you want to purchase and check available standard price list for map cost.
    3. Pay for the map and get your copy of the Standard Map.
  • What is a Special Map Request?

    A Special Mapping Request is a service not included in the standard price list. This service is often time consuming and expensive and a map is only produced when a customer’s mapping needs cannot be met by a Standard Map Request.

  • What does a Special Map Request cover?

    Special Mapping Requests cover:

    • GPS Mapping
    • Preparation of specialised maps using new or existing GIS data layers to meet required specifications
    • Topographic Surveys
    • Reproduction of maps by using scanning method.
    • Survey plans using survey field data
    • Logging plans.
    • And other GIS/Mapping & Remote Sensing related requests.

    Note: A Special Request Map has to be approved by the Surveyor General or the Chief Cartographer before it can be produced by NGIC.

  • How do I make a Special Map Request?

    1. Visit the Map Sales Counter at the National Geographic Information Centre (NGIC).
    2. Ask for a Special Mapping Request Form (SMRF )
    3. Fill out the given form and return to the Map Sales Counter at the NGIC.
    4. The Map Sales Counter will inform you of when to collect your map, pending the approval of the Surveyor General or Chief Cartographer and how much it will cost.
  • What is a Digital Data Request?

    The NGIC is the custodian of a very large quantity of GIS digital data covering the whole of the country. This data is available to other Ministries and Non- Government Organisations (NGO’s) for use on national significant projects at the discretion of the Surveyor General.

  • What is a National Significant Project?

    National Significant Projects are those considered of high importance to the development of Solomon Islands and will be determined by the Surveyor General. These projects can either be an initiative of the Government or an NGO.

  • How to make a request for digital data?

    1. A Special Request Form will be filled by the customer accompanied by a letter from your Project Manager that gives a brief outline of the project and gives you authority to acquire digital on behalf of the project.
    2. The Surveyor General will either approve or reject the request.
    3. If approved, the request will be processed and you will be advised when your request will be ready for collection.
    4. Before collection the Digital Data, you will be asked to fill sign a “End User License Agreement” for the supply of digital data for non-commercial purposes.
    5. The Map Counter Officer will issue an invoice for payment for the cost of supplying digital data.
    6. Payment is made at the Ministry Cashier.
  • How do I arrange for a survey of my land?

    Before an arrangement for survey can take place, there are processes and requirements to be met. This is the responsibility of the office of the Commissioner of Lands.  When all requirements are met by a customer, that customer is advised to liaise with the Assistant Surveyor General and Principal Surveyors from the Survey Division within the Ministry of Lands for a land survey to be carried out. However, a survey can only be carried out after it is endorsed by the Surveyor General.

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