Land Board

The Land Board makes all decisions relating to allocation of interest in registered land in Solomon Islands. This includes the power to grant and transfer Fixed Term Estates, the power to set land premiums and rentals, the power to decide whether to allocate interest in land by direct allocation or by ballot or auction, and the power to grant temporary occupation licenses. The Land Board was formed after the National Parliament passed the Land and Titles (Amendment) Act 2014, which came into effect on 1 December 2014. Prior to this, all decisions on allocation of interest in land was done by the Commissioner. In some cases, the Land Board has delegated certain types of decision-making back to the Commissioner of Lands, including transfer of Fixed Term Estates between non-government parties.

Current active Board Members and an archive of all decisions made by the Land Board can be found on this website. All Land Board Policies and Annual Reports can also be found under their respective sections.

Sub Categories

The files listed in this section are the official approved Minutes of the Land Board. The Land Board makes decisions on land allocations and other matters such as policies on how the Board makes those allocations. The Land Board generally meets around once a month and is required by legislation to meet at least once every 3 months.

The Land and Titles Act requires that the Land Board produce an annual report detailing all the allocations made by the Board during the calendar year, and to present this report to the Minister for tabling in Parliament. The 2015 annual report was tabled in Parliament on 23 May 2016, and is now a public document. The main report for 2015 includes two short Appendixes, while Appendix C is a much longer list of all allocations.

Sometimes, the Land Board may consider and approve a policy to help guide its decision-making. This section contains the policies approved by the Land Board.