The Land Board has approved the advertising of land in the South Honiara subdivision by way of public tender.

Tenders must be made on the Ministry’s standard tender application form, which is available at the Ministry’s Cashier during opening hours between 9am and 3pm Monday to Friday at a cost of $50 each.

Tenders must be signed by all applicants and be accompanied by supporting evidence of the tenderer’s financial capacity to purchase and develop the land.

Please note, the Land Board reserves the right to:

  • Reject any tender even if it is the highest tenderer;
  • Negotiate with any tenderer and exclude other tenderers;
  • Re-advertise for tenders;
  • Refuse giving any reason for declining or rejecting any tender; and
  • Extend the closing time and date for submission of tenders.

All tenders must be hand-delivered in a sealed envelope clearly marked “South Honiara Land Tender 2022” by 3pm on Friday 2nd December 2022 and the original receipt must be attached to the front of the form. Tenders with photocopies of receipts will not be accepted.