Make an enquiry at the customer service counter, and purchase a copy of a map of the area you are interested in occupying (or you have already been occupying). A simple map will cost SBD $30.00.

Customer service officers will advise you to make a formal application of interest to secure a TOL. The application should be in the form of a simple letter addressed to the Land Board. Submit this letter to the customer service officers but mark to the attention of the TOL officer. The TOL officer will then assess the application and prepare the proposal for the Land Board to consider. For further enquiries on these matters, please contact the Urban Section or send a message to the TOL Officer from this website.

If the application is approved by the Land Board, the applicant will have to pay a fee equivalent to SBD $100.00 for every year that the person has already had a house on the land, including the current year.