The Mangili Customary Landholding Group of Ward 14, East Fataleka, Malaita Province has achieved yet another milestone in the recording process of Mangili Customary Land with the public posting of Notice of Completion for the Mangili Customary recording process.

This comes after months of consultation and awareness with the Mangili Tribe and other neighboring tribe commenced in 2021.

The statutory process relative to Koehoto land recording has been progressing rather smoothly without any difficulties and or impediments.
The process has reached the Notice of completion stage whereby a Notice (Form 5) have been posted at certain locations to signify the progress and milestone achieved to date.
On the 9th day of June 2022, the appointed Land Recorder proceeded and made public Form 5 by posting at Obo Village, Purakachele Village and GP PHQ office, Honiara.

Expressions of Interest are sought from the general public for persons interested in being appointed to carry out the responsibilities of an Acquisition Officer appointed by the Commissioner of Lands as set out in Part V Division 1 of the Land and Titles Act as amended. The intention of this call is to create a pool of professional people from throughout the country who can be called upon to facilitate land acquisitions on behalf of the National Government as and when necessary.

The Land Board through the office of the Commissioner of Lands is offering 75 years Fixed Term Estates (FTE) of parcels where FTEs have expired or will expire this year or in 2021.

The first ever Solomon Islands National Urban Conference opened a new chapter in Solomon Islands discussion on urban planning and development.